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Egg Problem Answers

Updated: Apr 9

Here are the answers for the Key Stage 1 egg maths problem. How did you solve it? Did you draw pictures, use counters or solve it a different way? Here are some example solutions.

Trial and error

One way is to use the method of trial and error:

Choose a number for the pink basket and if you end up with too many eggs at the end choose a smaller number for pink.

E.g. If you start off with 4 in the pink basket then you end up with 1 in the red basket and 2 in the brown basket which makes 7 altogether. That’s not enough.

Then try again starting with 5 in the pink basket. You end up with 2 in the red basket and 3 in the brown basket. That’s a total of 10.

Brown Red Pink

(red + 1) + (pink -3) + (? )


Another way is to try algebra (suitable for KS2 students and brighter KS1 students):

Brown Red Pink

10 = (n -2) + (n-3 ) + n

10 = 3n – 5

15 = 3n

Divide by 3

5 = n

Go back and check

Brown Red Pink

10 = ( 5 -2 ) + ( 5-3 ) + n

10 = 3 + 2 + 5

10 = 3 in the brown basket + 2 in the red basket + 5 in the pink basket

There are other ways of solving the problem. Please share how you did it.

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