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Pretty Patterns

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

What are the patterns in the pictures below examples of?

The following shapes fit easily together but what is the mathematical definition?


The pictures above are examples of tessellations. When you tessellate, you fit shapes together into a repeated pattern so there aren’t any spaces or gaps in between. The shape or shapes mustn’t over-lap either.

Can you create your own tessellation using just one single shape or perhaps a combination of shapes?

Tessellation found in the world around us

The following images are examples of tessellation found in the world around us.

This skirt has tessellation found in the fabric design.

Honey comb
Patterns in the world around us - honey comb

Honey comb is an example of tessellation found in the natural world.

Here are further examples of tessellation found in everyday items such as:

A pillow case cover

Floor tiles

Bathroom (wall) tiles

Kitchen tiles

Can you think of any other examples of tessellation found in the natural world or in every day life?

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