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Primary school pupil smiling

Success! Message received.

"You are the best teacher a child could have."

"Now I know long division.  Nothing to improve because I found my time with you fun and helpful.  Some people don’t know things that you showed me and it would be helpful for them."

"You are friendly and approachable.  My son enjoys the lessons as they are well matched to his ability and he is making progress.  I would recommend HL Tutoring Services to others and I have [done so]!"

"The school said that he’s doing really well.  I’m so pleased.  He looks forward to the sessions."

"[He] is so comfortable with you and  I have seen a huge change in his confidence with his work.  Thank you so much."

"Hilda is a blessing!"

"Without a doubt one amazing character who has helped our son achieve his goals over the past 12 months... the primary aim was to get him into a top school from Year 3 which has now been achieved with the excellent support from HL Tutor.  The teaching methods and creative ideas have been fantastic and he loves the extra homework!!"

"... Progress since the start of the year has been amazing.  Within the first couple of weeks of school she has moved up a reading level and received a merit award for her writing.  Obviously it is not clear/certain if HL was the reason for this but as it was our goal to accelerate her learning, we are definitely pleased that this has been achieved!  [The service could be improved with] perhaps some worksheets (homework!) to take home as we occasionally struggle for things to do with her the rest of the week once she has read her book.  Yes definitely, I would mention to anyone the improvement we have noticed in [our daughter’]s school work and reading since HL Tutoring started." 

" I actually really enjoy writing now! "

" I really appreciate all your help with [my daughter] this year  - she has overcome some real confidence issues in relation to her schooling, which I am in no doubt that your weekly sessions have helped with! "

Adults writing English
"I'm pleased with Hilda's teaching methods.  The lessons are very interesting and informative.  I really liked recording lessons.  It helped to improve speaking skills and get rid of common mistakes.
I liked everything and I don't know how the service could have been improved."  
"You're an amazing teacher!"

 "It was nice and fun…I've been pleased with the whole mood of … every lesson. You're a creative teacher and I've found … every lesson very interesting. 
I didn't find anything what should be improved.  Definitely I'd recommend your service to other people who want to improve their English."

"I’m very happy with the lessons.  Each one is different and original."

"You are a brilliant teacher!"

"I really like English lessons and I always look forward to them. I [have] improve[d] my grammar …reading and writing.  I have become better at understand[ing when] - speaking [to] people and can answer questions.

I do not know [how the service could be improved] everything suits me.

Yes I recommend private lessons with Hilda to others.  In such a short period of time she was able to improve my level.  She is [a] very sociable, intelligent, tolerant teacher.  She is a professional of her own."

"I have been pleased with everything.  Hilda is a really good teacher.  Her manner of explaining helped improve my English a lot.  She is always polite to me and my wife.  She recommended watching a lot of useful TV programs.  
I’m not sure if anything could be improved. 
Yes I would highly recommend having lessons with Hilda.  Please see the answer to my first question."

"I have [been] pleased [with] conversation and [Hilda] find[ing] any errors in my talking."

"You are very professional! "

"You are very warm.  I like your energy.  You give me that confidence.  You have patience. I like your attitude.  You have a sweet voice.
I feel free with you.  I’ve been to another tutor but it was a disaster.  You have patience. You are sweet.  You are calm."

"Hilda is such an amazing tutor, she helped me with English as a foreign language. I highly recommend."

"Hilda is a well prepared and patient teacher, she knows the Italian language and has helped me to improve the difficulty that the Italian native language students have. Many thanks."

" Thank you for your lessons and your kindness. "
body of violin
"I really do enjoy the lessons!"

"I’ve been pleased with all of the lessons really.  I’m learning more and actually playing more.  Yes I would recommend HL Tutoring Services to others for violin lessons.  You’re a good teacher; you make a learner get [a technique] right before moving on.  You’re quite thorough."

"Energetic accessible to all.  My 10 year old son loved the music session and can't wait for the next one."

"The boys loved their music lesson!  Thank you.  You’ll be seeing us again!"

" You’re so good with them, and it was so good for the kids to do something different, they really loved it. " 

 " ...we thoroughly enjoyed the ones [classes] we did make.  Was so awesome of you to set it up. "

" We loved the sessions…"

Exam Preparation
Preparing for an exam
"Thank you very much for your time and efforts. 
I am pleased you could find the right approach to him and I know he was always happy and looking forward to the next session. 

Your tuition helped him to build his confidence and certainly better understanding of the subject. 

I am also pleased about your flexibility when it was required. 

I wish you all the best and thank you again. 

Kind regards"
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