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Sign up for online private tuition with an independent, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced teacher/tutor.

Here are some instructions before online lessons commence

1.Book lessons in advance by booking online or contacting HL Tutoring Services. This should be done at least a week before the lesson or block of lessons. Lessons will then be confirmed 24 hours before the beginning of any lesson.

2. Get ready for the lesson by following the instructions below.

3. It might be a good idea to have a phone or Whatsapp audio calling facility handy during the online lesson just in case there are any technical issues.

4. Find out more about Zoom below.


For video conferencing and screen sharing. Useful as it has the added advantage of keeping video windows open while screen is being shared.

You will need:

  • A device with webcam, microphone and preferably a reasonably large screen (for screen sharing)

  • A touchscreen is not necessary, although may be useful for younger students

Initial setup

Go to https://zoom.us/download and download the Zoom Client for Meetings, or click on the link in the email you have received inviting you to join a Zoom meeting and download it from there.

When you have the Zoom app open you will see the icon on the taskbar.

Joining a meeting

When you receive a meeting invitation, simply click on the link. The default URL for meetings hosted by me is XXXXXXXXX . If the “Launch Application” dialog box comes up, check that “Zoom Meetings” is selected (it will probably be the only option shown), tick the ”Remember” box and click “Open link”. In future it shouldn’t need to ask you.

Alternatively, if you know the meeting ID, you can go into the Zoom app, click on “Join”, and enter the meeting ID. My personal ID is XXXXXXXXX (same number as in the personal URL mentioned previously).

A meeting can take the form of video, audio or just screen sharing. I normally start with video and take it from there.

Once you’re in the meeting, you’ll see whichever window I’ve shared with you (website, PowerPoint, spreadsheet, PDF, etc.). When you move your cursor a red & green bar should appear at the top of the screen, telling you that you are viewing my screen. You can use the menu options on this bar to annotate the window or to request remote control.

You can also share your screen with me – look for the green “Share screen” icon at the bottom of the video window.


Bitpaper, an online collaborative whiteboard, with a screen-sharing facility, is sometimes used in lessons.

Open Chrome (Firefox or Safari should work too but support for other browsers, especially Internet Explorer / Edge, is more limited), and go to the BitPaper.io URL that will be given to you by HL Tutoring Services.

Use BitPaper without logging in. Just click on the link. I'll be able to talk you or your child through the rest of the instructions during the lesson.

A stylus pen is useful. You can get away without either touchscreen or graphics tablet, but freehand writing with a mouse is tricky. Please also note that phone screens are too small for Bitpaper.

If there are any problems then we can talk via a phone or an audio facility such as Whatsapp.

If you're interested in getting online primary, adult (E.F.L) English language or violin tuition then ring 07950598030 or check the HL Tutoring Services website for further information. Alternatively you can book private lessons online by selecting either:

*Pay weekly

*Pay monthly

*Pay termly

After that, choose a suitable date and time.

Get in touch with HL Tutoring Services today!

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