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Smart Learning Suite Online with HL Tutoring Services

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Use Smart Learning Suite as a modern and effective learning tool for online private tuition + an independent, friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and qualified teacher/tutor = an engaging and interactive learning experience for students of all ages, whether child or adult.

Watch the video to find out how to sign into Smart Learning Suite Online. Please make yourself familiar with the sign in process before the first lesson using the video to help. Please also note a Class ID number will be emailed to you before lessons commence. Smart Learning Suite Online is used in combination with Zoom. As a result, I can talk you through the process if you have any issues. You don't need to worry!

Here are some advantages of using Smart Learning Suite Online

1. Smartnotebook is already used by 20 million teachers world wide, according to SMART.

2. Simple to use and designed especially for young learners. Students don't necessarily need to be able to type.

3. Many schools across West Yorkshire and the UK use the same software during day to day lessons.

4. Personalised and tailor made lessons.

5. Both student and teacher can see and share work.

6. Work can be saved and used/built upon in a series of lessons.

7. Fun, engaging and interactive learning occurs.

8. Students can take part in quizzes, sorting and labelling activities and lots of tailor-made games.

9. Allows collaborative learning to take place, as if student and teacher were in the same room.

10. Can be used to teach any subject.

SMART Learning Suite Online

Click here to log in:

Then enter the login code:


For detailed instructions on how to log in, look at the pictorial instructions. Find out more about remote learning with HL Tutoring Services by visiting the Online Tuition with HL Tutoring Services blog post. Further information about Zoom can be found there as well.

Please also note that phone screens are too small for writing tasks.

If there are any problems then we can talk via a phone or an audio facility such as Whatsapp.

If you're interested in getting online primary English and maths, adult (E.F.L) English language or violin tuition then ring 07950598030 or check the HL Tutoring Services website for further information. Alternatively you can book private lessons online by selecting either:

After that, choose a suitable date and time.

If you're not sure, you can sign up for a free introductory consultation to discuss your tutoring requirements.

Get in touch with HL Tutoring Services today!


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