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Four in a row phonics e-e

A few words spell the long 'e' sound by adding the letter e to the end of the word.

Practise reading words with the e_e (/iː/ or /ɪə/) spelling pattern. Adapt the game by saying or writing each word correctly in a sentence. Players could also provide an accurate definition of each word.

Four in a row phonics e_e spelling pattern

Did you know that children in U.K. schools have to read 'fake' words as part of phonics assessments? Use the game below to practise the same sounds as above but with 'fake' words.

How did you get on? Can you think of other 'real' words with the same e_e (/iː/ or /ɪə/) spelling pattern?

Of course, there are other ways to pronounce the e-e spelling pattern. Can you think of any other words where the e-e spelling pattern is pronounced differently?

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