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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Feeling hot, hot, hot! Temperatures are soaring, there isn't a cloud in the sky and there's wall to wall sunshine. It certainly gets hot during a heatwave. If it's boiling hot where you are right now, have fun in the sun but remember to keep safe too.

Here are some alternatives to describe hot weather; they are synonyms for the adjective 'hot'. See the vocabulary sun picture below.

Synonyms for hot weather


dry tropical

a heatwave blazing

unbearable searing

beautiful It's blistering

sunny hot weather. scorching

warm muggy

close sweltering

humid roasting

hot boiling


Synonyms are words that have very similar meanings to each other.

How would you describe the weather? Have you heard any songs that use any vocabulary related to hot weather? Do you know any stories or even movies that are set somewhere hot? Do you live somewhere that's hot all year round? Can you think of any other vocabulary related to hot weather? If so, please share your thoughts or ideas in the comments section. Thanks!

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