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Top Tips To Prepare For An Important Test Or Exam.

How can you prepare for an important test or exam? How can parents/carers support a child in the family who has an important test or exam? Read on to find out more...

There are many strategies which are simple yet effective. Please read the list below to check whether a learner is really ready for an important test or exam.

Summer is peak exam season whichever setting the learner is in.

 There are many ways to support someone who is about to take sit an important test or exam. Ensure he or she:

* gets plenty of sleep

* continues with regular routines

* gets plenty of exercise

* has a good diet especially for breakfast

* has somewhere quiet to study and review revision notes

* has completed any work set by the school/organisation attended

* (hasn’t left all the revision until the last minute)

* finds a way to relax such as playing a musical instrument, listening to music or going for a walk

* avoids excessive screen time

* is reminded not to compare his or her performance with others

*receives plenty of positivity and encouragement

* has something nice to look forward to afterwards

Are there any other strategies that have worked for you or your family?

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After that, choose a suitable date and time.

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