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What Are Primary SATs?

Updated: May 6

Primary SATs take place every year in most English schools, but what are they? Read on to find out more...

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Primary SATs take place at the beginning of May but what are they?

SAT stands for Standard Assessment Test. The tests are designed to measure how much progress pupils have made against the English National Curriculum (English and Maths).

Some secondary or high schools use the results for setting purposes. Local authorities and Ofsted also use the data from SATs scores.

The results for SATs (key stage 2 pupils) are released to schools in July as they are marked externally. Results for key stage 1 pupils are marked internally and should be available via your child's class teacher. The results are usually recorded in your child's end of year school report.

Click on the link to access a parental guide:

Optional Key Stage One SATs

Key Stage Two SATs

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