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What Are Key Stage One SATs all about?

Updated: May 5

Primary Year 2 tests, called Key Stage One SATs, usually take place every year in May throughout most English schools, but what type of tests are they? Read on to find out more...

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Primary SATs take place for pupils aged 6 and 7 in Year 2 but what are they?

SAT stands for Standard Assessment Test. The tests are designed to measure how much progress pupils have made against the English National Curriculum (English and Maths).

Local authorities and Ofsted also use the data from SATs scores.

Schools usually have until the end of the month to administer the Year 2 (Key Stage One) SATs . Your children may not even realise that they are taking any tests! The Key Stage One SATs consist of an English grammar spelling and punctuation test, an English reading test and two mathematics papers (arithmetic and reasoning).

Update: As of 2024, Year 2 tests (KS1 SATs) are optional for schools. Some schools are still using the tests but doing so at the end of the academic year rather than in May. Please check with your child's school or class teacher if you are unsure.

Scroll down for example questions below. Get in touch if you need further information.

Types of questions could include:


[ ] + 24 = 37

¼ of 20 =

[ ] – 25 = 25

50 + [ ] = 87

30 ÷ 5 =


Use the following numbers 35, 26, 7 to complete the number sentences.

____ + ____ = ____

____ - ____ = ____


Find and copy one word that tells you that….

Why did the character… do…? Give two reasons.

Why was he angry at the beginning of the story?

English grammar spelling and punctuation

Rewrite the sentence in the correct tense.

Mum _________ to school yesterday.


Use only the words below to write a question.

bark the dog did

Remember to use correct punctuation.

Tick the sentence with the correct punctuation.

I had, two cakes some crisps, and a drink.

I had two cakes, some crisps and a drink.

I had two, cakes some, crisps and a, drink.

I had two cakes, some crisps and a drink,

Which word can have the letters ful at the end to make another word?





Complete the sentences using the correct spellings.

The girl sat on a ____________.

After a storm there can be a colourful _______________.

The __________ was in a nest.

The sink, oven and freezer are all in the ______________.

Watch the video (below) to find out what the Key Stage One spellings actually are.

Key Stage One SATs Example Questions with HL Tutoring Services
Download PDF • 175KB

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