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Time To Tell The Time - An Introduction To Telling The Time with HL Tutoring Services

Check out the following demonstration video on time vocabulary by HL Tutoring Services. View, to find out what part of a primary maths lesson with HL Tutoring Services might be like; there would normally be a student on the other side of the screen! The video is a nice activity to practise telling the time in just a few minutes. Watch back several times to increase time-telling accuracy. It also gives you a good idea how online tuition with HL Tutoring Services works. Press play to watch and ensure your sound is on. Thanks.

Click on the images below to view vocabulary related to telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. This is useful for students who are just learning to tell the time in words. The same images are included in the PDF further down the page.

Click on the PDF below to view printable worksheets introducing time vocabulary. There are a variety of sheets to complete independently so choose the worksheet most suitable for your level.

PDF Introducing time vocabulary with HL
Download • 888KB

Time can be such a tricky concept to master. Hopefully this page will be a useful reference point. Try discussing the time on a regular basis. Make your own clocks. Don't forget to have lots of analogue clocks around the house too!

What has helped you to tell the time? How did you learn to tell the time? Have you got any stories about telling the time? Share them in the comments section please.

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