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Sign up for success: The Online English Conversation Class

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

English Conversation Class for adults (ESOL)

Do you have anyone to practise English with? Do you go to language exchanges only to speak your native language instead of practising English? Do you get nervous when speaking to locals here in Yorkshire/U.K./native English speakers? Do you need to improve your speaking skills?

If English is your second language then join our small Online English Conversation Class, led by an experienced and fully qualified teacher, every Thursday evening. The spring course runs every Thursday from 5.30 - 7pm. Contact HL Tutoring Services, ring 07950598030 or book online.

Alternatively, sign up for private one to one lessons with HL Tutoring Services, if you can't make the dates or if you prefer individual instruction. Online tuition given until further notice. Get in touch today!

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