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Mother Idioms

Mother Vocabulary

Mother Idioms

Can you think of alternative words for the word mother?

Alternative words for mother include:

  • Mum

  • Mummy

  • Mam

  • Mama

  • Ma

  • Mamma

Do you know what the following phrase means?

Here is the phrase in a sentence:

Here is a definition:

I’ll keep Mum = To keep something a secret.

Do you know what the following phrase means?

Here is the idiom in a sentence:

-If I tell you what happened last night will you promise not to tell anyone?

-I promise. Mum’s the word!

Here is a definition:

Here are some more idioms:

(To have) the mother of all something

I have the mother of all migraines.

I have the mother of all migraines. = An extreme example of something

Mummy’s boy!

Will you invite your wife to my birthday party? I’m not sure. I need to check with my Mum first. -You’re such a mummy’s boy!

A mummy’s boy! = A man or boy whose mother has too much influence on him

Shall I be mother/mum?

This dinner looks lovely? Who’s going to serve?

Shall I be mother, shall I serve?

Shall I be mother /mum? = A humorous way to ask if the speaker should serve food or drink; mostly linked with pouring tea

Can you guess the meaning of this idiom?

Like mother, like daughter!

Try using the idioms in your own sentences:

To keep Mum

Mum’s the word!

(To have) the mother of all something

Shall I be mother/mum?

Like mother, like daughter!

Do you know any other mother idioms?

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