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-ible or -able suffixes

-ible or -able

Would you rather be described as reliable, reasonable and flexible or... terrible and horrible?

The preceding words are all adjectives with the suffixes -ible or-able.

Here are some more examples:

The Incredible Hulk

(Image by

Irresistible cake

Rechargeable batteries

Flexible gymnast

(GIF by

Find out how to make adjectives using these suffixes:

Here are some points to consider when developing spelling skills:

Do students know the meaning of the word?

Can they use the word correctly in a sentence?

Can they make connections with spellings they already know?

Can they group words with the same spelling pattern together?

Can they generate further examples (of words using the same spelling pattern)?

If spelling is an issue, then don’t ignore it. Students should try to read as much as possible. With help and guidance through expert tuition with HL Tutoring Services, spelling can be improved greatly.

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