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Marvellous Maths - 8 Times Table Tip with HL Tutoring Services

Is your child confident when recalling the 8 times table? If so, great - if not then this video should help. Useful for pupils approaching Year 4 or pupils starting out with the 8 times table. Check out the following demonstration video showing a different way to learn the 8 times table by HL Tutoring Services. View, to find out what part of a primary maths lesson with HL Tutoring Services might be like; there would normally be a student on the other side of the screen! The video also gives you a good idea how online tuition with HL Tutoring Services works. Press play to watch and ensure your sound is on. Fast forward as necessary. Thanks.

There are many ways to learn the 8 times table. How are you learning them? How did you learn? Please share your methods in the comments section. Type or take a picture of your method . Many thanks!

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