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Sunshine vocabulary answers

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Ray of sunshine definition

Read the blog post to view the original question relating to a ray of sunshine.

Who or what is your ray of sunshine?

A ray of sunshine =

Someone or something that makes a person happier or a place more cheerful.*

*Merriam-Webster dictionary

This is an example of an idiom.

An idiom is a figurative expression or saying; it has an established meaning that isn’t directly linked to the individual words.

Here are some other examples of idioms related to the weather:

To be on cloud nine

To be under the weather

To steal somebody’s thunder

To be snowed under

To be on cloud nine

We’ve won the lottery, we’re on cloud nine!

To be on cloud nine = To be very happy about something

To be under the weather

She isn’t joining us at the restaurant this evening as she’s feeling under the weather.

To be under the weather = Not feeling good or well

To steal somebody’s thunder

Lady 1:I’m expecting a baby.

Lady 2: I already know, your brother told me yesterday.

Lady 1: I can’t believe he stole my thunder; I wanted to tell you myself.

To steal somebody’s thunder = Where somebody does something you had intended to do before you had an opportunity to do it yourself

In this case, the pregnant lady's brother shared the very special news before the pregnant lady had a chance to do so

It can also mean stealing somebody’s ideas

To be snowed under

I’m snowed under with lesson planning and marking at the moment.

To be snowed under = To have too much work to do

Try using the weather idioms in your conversation this week. You'll sound more like a native speaker, if you use the phrases correctly.Go on, I'll be on cloud nine, if you do!!!

Can you think of any other idioms related to the weather? Please share them in the comments.

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