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The Logo for HL Tutoring Services

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

The logo for HL Tutoring Services uses Ghanaian Adinkra symbolism.

The white symbol on the cover of the book means Nea onnim no sua a, ohu translating in English to ‘He who does not know can know from learning.’

It therefore represents the symbol of knowledge, life-long education and a continued quest for knowledge.

Here is the same saying kindly translated into Fante by Helena L. (Audio only).

What is Adinkra?

Adinkra is a printed or stamped traditional cloth, developed by the Ashanti people. It was traditionally made for royalty but as time has gone by, people have decorated their cloths to tell a story or express their thoughts or feelings.

Special thanks go to Claire Tidd for her wonderful expertise in turning my sketches and ideas into stunning digital graphics. The finished result is the logo you see above.

Adinkra Symbolism Chart
Adinkra Symbolism Chart

Which symbol would you choose to represent your views, feelings or thoughts? Share in the comments section please.

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