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A violinist's visit to Cremona, Italy

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

During a recent teaching trip to Italy, I had the good fortune of visiting Cremona, the violin making capital of the world and the home of the Stradivarius. I spent a few days fully absorbed in all things violin.

Trying out a violin that Carlos had just finished making.

I was very lucky to visit a luthier (violin maker) Carlos Roberts just off the main square, Piazza Del Duomo. He kindly showed me his workshop, told me all about his work, how he went about making string instruments and allowed me to sample a violin that he had just finished making. It had taken him all year to make. It was so beautiful to play and had such a rich tone. Let’s just say the violin cost substantially more than my own violin and luckily I didn’t drop it. Next time I’ll have to visit with a few more euros! He was so friendly and welcoming. Thanks so much Carlos.

Next I went to visit the Consortium of violin makers, Piazza Antonio Stradivari. The purpose of the institute is to promote and make contemporary violins.

Consorzio Liutai Cremona

Here , I was able to have a look around. Apparently they didn’t have as many violins as usual as they had packed them all up ready for an exhibition in Asia. I sampled a few and each violin felt different from the next. They were gorgeous to play. The violins were made by violin makers from all over the world. Some were beautifully decorated too. Thanks very much to Roberta who arranged my visit. It was a wonderful experience for a violinist.

Obviously I also went to visit the violin museum but you'll have to find out all about that in another post on my blog!

Have you ever been to Cremona? Is it a place you'd like to visit?

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